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Creating a SaaS delivery model for your software

As a software development company delivering your applications through the 'traditional' packaged product model, you probably have plans or projects in place to develop a software-as-a-service (SaaS) alternative.

After all, "SaaS is the leading factor driving system replacements and net new investments in applications" (Forrester Research) - and no wonder, because SaaS offers considerable benefits to customers and developers alike.

Transitioning your solution to SaaS can be difficult to achieve, however. We've spoken to a number of software companies who report issues such as:

  1. the ongoing need to maintain and support legacy solutions:  development and support people alike are still needed to keep existing solutions running, providing a substantial dilution of efforts and challenges to time-to-market
  2. technology and skills challenges: firms face the need for different skillsets in addition to those they already have - for example, design of web-based interfaces rather than traditional client GUIs; and security model design to handle multi-tenant off-site rather than single-tenant on-site requirements. This may represent a substantial on-cost to the business
  3. transition of sales channels and customer support model: the business change required is much more extensive than the rewriting of the software itself - affecting everything from pricing to the required reliability of IT architecture and availability of support personnel
  4. sub-optimised design: in order to offer backwards compatibility, often firms don't take the additional opportunities offered by SaaS especially regarding web integration - e.g. capture of web leads, or publishing content from the SaaS solution direct to the internet

It is worth questionning where the value lies in your existing solution and business. Is it entirely embedded in your packaged software, or is it more widely described by the sector knowledge and insights of your people, your track record and reputation and your customer base and prospects

If the latter, then you should talk to xampe!  Our SaaS 'private label' platform is already available and offers you a rapid route to selling and delivering your own SaaS solution with minimal disruption to your existing business.

Working with xampe is a good alternative to trying to create a SaaS offering from the bottom-up. Efforts can be focused on configuring the solution for your sector / service niche to maximise benefits at customers, and on developing your business model for the new environment. And your solution will benefit from the rich feature-set that is already included in the core of xampe's platform without prohibitive development costs on your part. 

Talk to us - together we can create enhanced service to your clients and recurring revenue for your business.

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Published: 24-05-14 by Nigel Dahl

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