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Application Partners

PYXI Group's solutions are provided to customers over the internet whenever and wherever needed.

Supporting our customers in person would be a massive challenge for a single business, so we're developing a network of partners who can help "on the ground" with customers who are using one of our solutions. Our partner relationship is a two way street of mutual benefit and increased opportunities.

These partners are known as PYXI application partners.

Typically PYXI application partners offer support as part of a range of other complementary services. (We have a number of IT companies and business consultants working with us for instance). xampe support services often opens doors to other additional sales opportunities with existing clients, and we also provide local referrals to our network of xaps as new businesses sign up to our solutions. partners can grow their businesses from a combination of these two potential channels.

Our Applications

Customer-focused CRM software to put the customer experience at the heart of your business
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