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Support for xaps

xampe application partners

xampe has an unyielding focus on and passion for supporting our customers - and extends the same to our partners too.

It is vital to us that our xaps feel supported by xampe in their work of selling, using and supporting xampe solutions on the ground.

We've developed a network of support systems to help xaps with their role as ambassadors and support-providers for xampe solutions. Here are just some of the things we offer xaps to help them do their job:

  • free use of a xampe solution for their business
  • personal induction and training in the use of xampe for their own business and information about providing xampe support to others
  • priority access to the xampe team here for email and phone support
  • priority access to the xampe learning forum to allow them to find information and contribute to the xampe community
  • marketing and support materials for download from the xampe system to use with customers
  • e-newsletters with updates and useful information about xampe in practice to use with their customers
  • a button in-app for your customers to click to refer xampe to other companies ... with you as the preferred partner 

We also have plans for regional networking meetings to allow xaps to meet one another and build the xampe community on the ground.

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