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Private Label Solutions

PYXI Group offers a software platform which can be “private labelled” and offered as a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) to your own customers.

Our SaaS platform will enable your business to implement its own solutions with a faster turn-around and shorter development cycle.

xampe’s platform has already been developed, bug-tested, and proven stable, and is used in a number of existing solutions.

PYXI Group has designed its platform to be:-

  1. Easy to use: with a modern interface, intuitive navigation and common buttons across all windows- and ‘at a glance’ views for customers, employees etc.
  2. Layered and Integrated: xampe comprises a core system with a number of optional additional layers that all work to share data collaboratively, so that the ‘scope’ of xampe solutions does not need to be any broader than is actually needed.
  3. Configurable: so that a user sees a view / language / business model that fits their business sector;
  4. Customised to sector: so that specific sector needs are addressed.

The bedrock of PYXI Group’s solution is to enable collaboration between people, sharing files and resources, but also applying best practice processes to help our clients to adopt proven solutions to their business issues. 


Overview of Scope

The PYXI Group platform offers an extensive scope, including the following:


  • Business pipeline management: leads, prospects, opportunities
  • Customer experience and relationship management (CXRM): dynamic and pro-active processes for managing customer experience and relationships
  • Business processes / workflow management: process engine, with event monitoring, milestone management, dashboarding - e.g. build a customised process to manage marketing campaign or recruitment: 
  • Projects: project control documents, team collaboration, project resources, status management
  • Notifications, alerts, watches
  • Performance reporting and dashboards
  • Custom fields and calculations
  • Context sensitive Help
  • Extensive search, recently used items, favourites

Business Relationships

  • Customers: contact details, contact notes, files and activity
  • Suppliers
  • Other companies - partners, etc.
  • Employees: contact details, training notes, experience, communication records
  • Contacts


  • Shared Calendars and Reminders
  • Task Assignment
  • Shared Lists: e.g. marketing campaign 
  • Contact Notes
  • Files: all details shared in one place
  • Folders: flexible, shared folder structure with smart Tagging
  • Activities
  • User management and security

Linking to email and other applications

  • link emails / attachments to relationships
  • create automatic links to webforms – e.g. to capture leads
  • publish specific data content to internet
  • import and export data
  • create automatic data extracts to link to other systems (e.g. list of invoice journal entries for accounting system)
  • external user functionality

Our Applications

Customer-focused CRM software to put the customer experience at the heart of your business
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